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Getting ready for the planting season: What should you do?

Planting flowers in sunny garden

Spring is the air and buds are about to bloom. Whether you are a gardening geek or beginning to develop your green thumb, nothing connects us with our Mother Earth quite like gardening does.

Preparing for the upcoming planting season can mean the difference between beautiful blossoms or fledgling flowers. But getting ready to plant doesn’t have to be a chore. We’ve put together nine top tips help you set the stage for a productive planting.

  1. Start inside: Depending on where you live, start seed germination inside to lengthen the growing season for vegetables and protect fragile plants.
  2. Prepare tools: Make sure your gardening tool set has its shears sharpened, hoses patched, and gloves at the ready to prevent keeping you from your favorite activity.
  3. Soil check: Examine your soil for structure, pH, and nutrient density to ensure your plantings have the support they require.
  4. Weed early: Begin weeding your garden immediately to prevent weeds from taking root.
  5. Clean up: Take a moment to remove yard debris including leaves, sticks, and other materials which could inhibit new plant growth.
  6. Prune and divide: Prepare your perennials for the new season by properly trimming them before new growth starts as warmer weather sets in.
  7. Research new plants: One activity you can do regardless of the weather is to research the plants you are considering for your garden to make sure they will thrive in your garden.
  8. Create a calendar: If you are planting multiple varieties, create a planting and harvesting calendar to keep from losing track of when is the best times to do either.
  9. Automate watering: Tending to a garden is hard work and proper watering is a critical activity. Look to automate sprinklers, install drip irrigation, or build self-watering planters.

Gardening is a wonderful activity providing enjoyment and satisfaction to millions of people around the world. With a little dirty work early on, you too can enjoy a successful season without the stress by being prepared.

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