How to Throw a Successful Yard Sale


Hosting a yard sale is a great way to declutter your home and earn some extra cash. Whether you are thinking about holding your first event or are a seasoned seller, we’ve put together a dynamite top ten list to make sure your yard sale is a successful one.

1.Pick the Right Time

Choosing the right date and time for your yard sale will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Look for days when neighbors are hosting their own yard sales to capture increased traffic. If you are near the entrance of a neighborhood with high traffic, a midweek after work sale may be a nice change of pace.

2. Partner Up

There is strength in numbers. Ask if your neighbors want to join you in hosing a neighborhood yard sale. Your cost of advertising will be less and you will attract more foot traffic than if you go solo.

3. Advertise and Promote

No one will show up to your yard sale if no one knows about it. Traditional marketing, such as flyers, neighborhood posts, and yard signs still work great. Now, it’s easier than ever to get the word out on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms.

4. Floor plan Your Sale

Walk into any retail store and you’ll find similar products carefully grouped together. Take their cue and do the same at your yard sale. Instead of randomly tossing items together, group them together. Often “shoppers” will purchase complimentary items, especially if you offer a discount on multiple purchases.

5. Clean and Hang Clothes

As part of your floor planning, make sure you wash the clothes and hang them on a mobile rack. Neatly folding clothing may initially be appealing, but after the first few visitors you’ll end up with a mixed-up pile of clothes and less money in your pocket.

6. Price Mark Everything

Make sure each item you are willing to sell has a price tag on it. Pricing items beforehand allows you to set a comfortable starting price. And, don’t hesitate to place a “we negotiate” sign in your yard.

7. Check Out the Competition

Since we know pricing items beforehand is a yard sale best practice, take a few moments to research the competition. More specifically, check out eBay (completed sales) or Craigslist to gauge where your pricing should be.

8. Have Enough Change

Not having enough change could prevent a sale. Your change bag should include a handful of each denomination below $100. Don’t forget to include coins as well. You never know if a quarter will be enough to make a deal.

9. Theme Your Yard Sale

If you find many of your items have a common theme, promote it. For example, if you have a large quantity of sporting goods, advertise you are having a sports yard sale. If after your sale you are left with mostly books, advertise a book sale for the next day.

10. Make It Fun

Hosting a yard sale doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Liven up the event by playing inviting music, hanging banners, or offering refreshments. It will make your day more enjoyable and keep potential buyers around longer.

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